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Industry Interface Director of S P Jain, Dr. Dhrupad Mathur, invited at the United Nations Headquarters, New York
On behalf of the United Nations Secretary General, Dr. Dhrupad Mathur was invited to the PrepCom meeting on the Millennium Development Goals eCenter that was organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 1 - 2, 2010. The principal objective of the PrepCom meeting was to finalize, through an interactive discussion among high-level representatives of all relevant stakeholders, the design and features of the MDG eCenter.

As a member of the Strategy council under the UN-DESA1 Global Alliance for ICTD2 (UN-DESA GAID), Dr. Mathur represents S P Jain in this exclusive forum which has only 14 organizations from the academia and private sector globally.

The meeting was organized in preparation for a presentation of the center to the Member Countries during the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on 21 September 2010. UN also intends to set up several thematic Task-Forces led by the relevant entities of the United Nations system to monitor, review and develop the MDG eCenter in their respective areas of responsibility. The UN-DESA GAID has already published Dr. Mathur's discussion papers for this meeting on their website.

First discussion paper was on the theme of "Developing a Capacity Building Roadmap" for activities under UN-GAID and highlighted the worldwide persistent divide between the provision of services and utilization of services under the ICTD initiatives with a focus on the developing country experiences. To read this paper,click here

The second discussion paper was focussed on "Developing a sustainable business model for the MDG eNabler", which brings in the role of diverse stakeholders and tries to establish ICTD specific relationships across the policy, program and project levels, thereby paving a way for establishing a sustainable ecosystem around the ICTD initiatives. To read this paper, click here

  • UN-DESA - United Nations-Department of Economic & Social Affairs
  • ICTD - Information & Communication Technologies for Development